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I guess it’s about time I let people know what has been going on in the world of Rupert! Many of my lovely fans have been frequently emailing n messaging asking me “what are you doing now? Where’s the new music?...can I have your number? etc. etc.

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet but believe me I’ve been busy making the tunes which I know you’ll love! I guess you could say I’ve been busy working on my craft, listening to a lot more music again and falling back in love with the music and artists that inspired me to become a musician oh so many years ago! All in the name of love and music to get my creative juices flowing and pour a whole load of emotions into my music!

I’ve written and recorded many songs this year but decided I shouldn’t rush to a finished product and throw it out there without being completely happy with every- single -song. I’ve been playing more electric and less acoustic on my latest material. The way my future releases are looking it’ll be about 50% acoustic 50% electric.

I’ve been gigging kind of infrequently this year- at least 1 gig a month as I’ve just wanted to concentrate on writing new songs and progressing to the next level of my musical Journey… sorta speak.

Being back in the studio with Will Jackson has been as inspiring as ever these last few months.

Allow me to give you a brief summary of a day in the studio

10am arrive-chat to Will about what stupid things we’ve heard in the news-what we did on the weekend, new bands etc. etc.

After a cuppa we listen to my demo…rough recording… discuss the concept n feel for the song, discuss arrangements-have another cuppa

I whip out my guitar n start singing n playing through the song while Will programs a beat into the computer so I can keep in time!!!
We lay down the main guitar line and a vocal.
Add other instrumentation like other guitars, bass, organ or whatever the song needs
Another cuppa and some lunch- everyone is on a caffeine high by now!

Then comes the time for me to do my vocal takes…as a perfectionist I can act a bit like a diva around this time of the day-throw a strop- get annoyed with myself-take an hour break from it all-get some fresh air, listen to some inspiring songs , Will gives me a pep talk- I go back in the booth and knock out some quality vocals n wonder why I was in such a mood in the first place!!!!

No song is ever quite finished at the end of the day as I always revisit each song to see what else can be done before it’s a finished record!

I will of course let you know when these songs are released as I definitely won’t be going light on the promotion this year!